Holy Name Society
Induction - January 15, 2006


On Sunday, January 15, 2006, a ceremony to induct new members into the Holy Name Society was performed by Rev. Fr. Charles Higgins. After the hymn, Veni Creator Spiritus, was chanted by the Schola Amicorum led by Mr. John Salisbury, one member-candidate promised to respect and love the Sacred Name of Jesus and to follow the precepts of the Holy Name Society by avoiding blasphemous and obscene speech, observing Sundays and Holy Days of Obligations, and by receiving Holy Communion regularly with the Society.   Two additional member-candidates were inducted in absentia.



Candidates express their dispositions to adhere to the Rules and Constitution of the Confraternity.




Holy Name members kneel during the "Veni Creator Spiritus."




Candidates are called to come forward by the Moderator.

Candidate recites the Holy Name Pledge




Holy Name members recite the Holy Name Pledge

Father Charles Higgins blesses the Holy Name emblems and manuals



Father Charles Higgins hands the blessed emblems to the new member saying, "Accept Brother these emblems of the Confraternity of the Most Holy Name of Jesus; may they be to you a pledge of eternal salvation."


L-R Front) Leo Higgins, Carl J. Camelo, Jr., Dan Guilderson, Rob Quagan,
      Fred Long
(L-R Back) Jim McCloskey, Tim O'Leary, Ed Long, Joe Harzbecker,
     David Dowd

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