Parish Organizations


The following is a list of groups and organizations currently active in either the German or Latin communities, or both:

1. Bishop Cheverus Society. Founded in 1989 and named in honor of the first bishop of Boston, the Bishop Cheverus Society seeks the preservation and promotion of the traditional Roman rite in the Archdiocese of Boston.

2. Catholic Women's Guild. Founded in 1924, the Guild involves itself with various charitable and social activities.

3. Christian Arts Series (CAS). Founded in 1981 in order to promote German culture
and heritage, the CAS sponsors three or four concerts a year at Holy Trinity, including the biannual Epiphany concert and Tableau. CAS also coordinates the parish's annual Oktoberfest fund raiser.

4. Frauenbruderschaft. Founded in the 1850s, this confraternity consists of married women dedicated to Marian devotion and helping with the Mass on the first Sunday of the month.

  5. Holy Name Society. Fraternal society founded for the personal sanctification of its members by acts of love and devotion to the Most Holy Name.  The current membership includes men from both the German and Latin communities.

6. Holy Trinity German Choir. Under the direction of George Krim, the choir provides music for the 10:00 a.m. German Mass and other events.


Holy Trinity German Choir

7. Holy Trinity Latin Schola. Under the direction of George Krim, the Latin Schola provides music for the Latin Mass.


Holy Trinity Latin Schola

8. Immaculate Conception Sodality. Founded in 1848 and dedicated in 1851, the Sodality promotes a special devotion to Mary, support of Catholic missions, and organized Catholic action.

9. Knights of Columbus. The Teutonia Council, No. 225, founded in 1897, is the local Holy Trinity parish group associated with the Knights of Columbus.

10. (Latin Mass) Liturgical Coordinating Committee. A six-member committee that helps prepare the liturgical schedule for the Latin Mass community.

11. Parish Council. The deliberative body consisting of members from both German and Latin communities, and chaired by the administrator of Holy Trinity, Rev. Hugh O'Regan.

12. Preces Cantatae. Under the direction of Dorothy Fresolo, the Preces provides timeless sacred music for the 12:00 Latin Mass, holy days, weddings, etc.

13. St. Joseph Sick Benefit Society. Founded in 1870 and originally called the Catholic Casino Society for the Sick, the Society provides comfort and aid for the sick of the parish.

14. Schola Amicorum. Under the direction of John Salisbury, the all-male Schola provides Gregorian chant for the 12:00 Latin Mass, holy days, Solemn Vespers, traditional weddings, etc.

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