A Solemn High Tridentine Mass
closed the
31st Annual National
Holy Name Society Convention 


The 31st Annual National Convention of Holy Name Societies was held in Boston from August 29 through September 2, 2001. The final liturgy on the convention's schedule was of a Solemn High Traditional Latin Mass (1962 Missal), sung at Holy Trinity (German) Church.

The liturgy was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Harold Johnson (senior priest, retired), who serves as the spiritual director for the Holy Name Society at Holy Trinity. Both the deacon and subdeacon for the Mass were seminarians from the parish: Mr. Harry Kaufman, who served as sub-deacon, is studying at Pope John XXIII Seminary for the Archdiocese of Boston, while Rev. Mr. Domenic Gentile, FSSP, the liturgy's deacon, is in training with the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter at their seminary in Denton, Nebraska (Holy Trinity also has a third seminarian studying with the Priestly Fraternity). 

The parish's three choirs combined under the direction of music director, Mr. George Krim, to sing the following program for the Mass:

Order of Service and Music

 Organ Prelude – Largo (G.F. Handel)
Chorale Prelude – Bring Our Praise (L. Dobici)
The Angelus
Processional Hymn – God Father, Praise and Glory
The Aspersion – Asperges Me (W. Marsh)
Introit – Respice, Domine (Gregorian Chant)
Kyrie & Gloria – Mass of St Louis (J. Zangl)
Gradual & Alleluia - Respice, Domine (Gregorian Chant)
Credo – Mass of St Louis (J. Zangl)
Offertory Verse –  In Te Speravi (Gregorian Chant)
Offertory Motet – Ave Verum (W.A. Mozart)
Sanctus & Benedictus – Mass of St Louis (J. Zangl)
 Agnus Dei – Mass of St Louis (J. Zangl)
Communion –  Panem De Cćlo (Gregorian Chant)
Communion Motet – Panis Angelicus (L. Lambillotte)
Recessional Hymn –  O Holy Name (Cardinal O’Connell)


wpe5.jpg (54521 bytes)

The Aspérges


wpe6.jpg (71093 bytes)

Prayers at the Foot of the Altar


wpe7.jpg (87029 bytes)

Incensing the High Altar


wpe8.jpg (70969 bytes)

The Epistle


wpe9.jpg (53186 bytes)

The Gospel


wpeD.jpg (50740 bytes)

Incensing the Celebrant after the Gospel


wpeA.jpg (16062 bytes)

Rev. Fr. Johnson delivering his sermon


wpeB.jpg (67501 bytes)

The Preface


wpeC.jpg (58990 bytes)

The Canon


wpeF.jpg (25879 bytes)

Reception after Mass for the Conventioneers


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(L-R) Ed Perry, President - HNS at Holy Trinity, Rev. Fr. Harold Johnson,
Robert Quagan, VP - HNS at Holy Trinity, Rev. Mr. Domenic Gentile, FSSP,
Rev. Fr. John McLaughlin, Archdiocesan Union of Holy Name Societies (AUHNS)
Spirtitual Director, Aaron Huberfeld, Treasurer - HNS at Holy Trinity,
Richard McLaughlin, Region I Vice President


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