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Christmas Tree

There are obviously more sacred, significant, and influential churches in Christendom than Holy Trinity in the South End of Boston, Mass. Nevertheless this humble parish has played a remarkable role locally and nationally in shaping culture, custom, and music. Consider the following…

von Trapp Family

Hallmark Cards



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        The Christmas Tree

    Holy Trinity is known as the Christmas Parish, having introduced to New England and the country many of the Christmas customs that were brought here by German immigrants during the early and mid-1800s, including the ever-popular decorated pine Christmas Tree and also the German Candlelight Procession and Midnight Mass.

    The von Trapp Family

    One of the friends of the Von Trapp Family (made famous in the Sound of Music) from before the war was Rev. Francis X. Weiser, S.J. Fr. Weiser became pastor of Holy Trinity at around the same time that the von Trapps settled in Stowe, Vermont. The Von Trapps sang at Holy Trinity on more than one occasion as a personal favor to Fr. Weiser, including a concert for Holy Trinity's 100th Anniversary Mass in 1944.                           The Von Trapps were here.

    Hallmark Cards

    Around 1850, Louis Prang, a German immigrant to Boston, began the practice of exchanging hand-made Christmas holiday cards with his friends. By 1865 he was printing and selling multi-colored cards throughout the United States. To this day he is considered the "Father of the Greeting Card Industry."

    The B.S.O.

    During the early years of Holy Trinity, several musicians of the parish’s Germania Orchestra not only became a part of but helped found the famous Boston Symphony Orchestra.


Holy Trinity was designed by one of New England's most distinguished church architects, a Brooklyn native named Patrick C. Keely. Keely designed over sixteen cathedrals (including Boston's) and six hundred churches throughout the country.

Additional Information

  • Additional information and historical data about Holy Trinity may be found in a book published in 1994 to celebrate its sequicentennial (150th) anniversary.  Unfortunately the book, A Way of Life, by Dr. Robert Sauer, is now out of print. You may, however, call 617-426-6142 to make arrangements to view the parish copy in the office.


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