Spy Wednesday 2001


The nocturnal office of Tenebrae, a sustained reflection on the treachery of Judas, the privation of holiness, and the need for conversion, was chanted on Spy Wednesday by the Schola Amicorum directed by Mr. John Salisbury.  Rev. Fr. Charles Higgins chanted the service's Gospel texts. 


Tenebrae2_2001.jpg (65430 bytes)

View of the Sanctuary before the Office was chanted


Tenebrae3_2001.jpg (55660 bytes)

The Schola Amicorum chanting the Office of Tenebrae


Tenebrae4_2001.jpg (43785 bytes)

Rev. Fr. Charles Higgins reads a Gospel text


Tenebrae1_2001.jpg (53939 bytes)

Acolytes extinguish candles during the Office until, at
the end of the service, the entire church is in darkness


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